Tom Day - The Things We Leave Behind (EP)

by Tom Day

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We dreamed, we intertwined our dreams within dreams... all could not be faulted, no faults could be seen. It was a seamless notion, smooth, flowing, everlasting, never-breaking. The highest of hopes straddling the highest of feelings. Embarking on a journey of the wildest proportions... this was it

Until I arrived. I was out of my depth, in over my head, this beautiful, beautiful thing was here and it was real and so heavily surreal. The romanticism of the moment and the moments to come had been swallowed by this huge hole in the pit of my stomach. Struggling in a pool too large to comprehend. Underneath, something strange, something dangerous pulling me, down, down, down: drowning, gasping for air. Eyes shut and all is black

I’m lost now. Lucid water spawning mazes of streets and endless alleyways turning unto themselves. Running, chasing, running from the chasers. An uneasy breathlessness cluttering me

but turning a corner I see her face. She's all I ever wanted. The steady drumming of rain cleansing, soaking, reaching right into the heart and dissolving it all... running, still running, from the silent faces chasing me, the lonely ones that always havebeen there and always will be. I reach her lips, hold her hand, "tell me, tell me I belong". A quietness envelopes

Everything. Everything is different now. We're coming home, together and apart. Apart at the seams, stitched together this way and that. The sun dances on my solo window, a quiet smile. And the lonely ones... well, they've goneaway for now.

Thanks a lot to those who helped put this together including Tom, Maryos and Elias for the images. A special thank you to my cousin, Laura. Her voice is amazing and i couldn't be happier with the vocals she provided for track 3. Also a massive thanks to Holly Friedlander Liddicoat from East West ( for the amazing writing piece above.

Thanks for listening everyone



released January 22, 2012



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